10kVAC/25kVDC Hipot/Megohmmeter -  PAD10-25

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The Model PAD10-25 gives the operator the versatility of either AC or DC testing capability in one compact package. This unit will measure both megohms and leakage current in the DC mode and AC milliamps in the AC mode. It provides up to 5 mA of current in both AC and DC modes. It has large easy to read analog meters with direct megohm readings at 500/2500/5000 and 15000 VDC.

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This test set is conservatively designed and ruggedly built for use in testing switchgear, cables, motors, generators and many other devices. The Hipots offered are suitable for lab or field use and are especially helpful when it is necessary to return equipment to a safe operating condition.
Outstanding Features
Lightweight, portable and enclosed in a rugged carrying case
Large, easy to read meters
Adjustable overcurrent trip point
Guard circuit for stray leakage current bypass
Surge and transient protection
HVON/OFFpushbuttons with indicators
Directmegohm readings
Visual and audible overload indicator
3 range voltmeter, 4 range ammeter