HVA54-5 VLF High Voltage Test Set

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A striking output load of 5 F @ 38 kV @ 0.1 Hz at only 175 kg of weight, illustrates the capability of this instrument. At 0,1 Hz a cable length of approx. 20 km can be tested, and at lower frequencies, testing of cables of up to 60 km in length are possible.

This fully symmetrical output waveform is also the precondition for Cable Diagnostics. All HVA test sets are upgradeable to a Cable Diagnostic System, such as Tan Delta (TD) and Partial Discharge.

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Predefined standard-compliant cable test sequences
Symmetrical sine wave at high voltage
RMS measurement of output voltage and current
Measurement of capacitive and resistive load
Automatic load dependent frequency selection (0.01 Hz 0.1 Hz)
Display of current test time
Integrated real-time scope function
Self-explanatory, multilingual software
Automatic measurement reporting
Report storage via USB or RS232
PC software (b2 ControlCenter) for data analysis and storage
Flashover detection and ultra fast switch off
Flashover voltage measurement
Time optimized burning mode