TAG5000 - Phase concordance appliances 

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The TAG5000 is the first appliance with cable liaison to be fitted with a transmitter and a receiver with HF radio liaison. It eliminates all hazards related to the use of liaison cables. Its range is up to 20m in the air and 1000m along the network. Obstacles such as walls, doors, etc. do not disrupt the liaison. It can be adapted to all types of insulating rods by means of universal connectors.
Nominal voltages from 4 kV to 230 kV 50 or 60 Hz
Coded HF liaison 433.9MHz
Transmitter (grey box): signals voltage presence, acquires phase data from 
the reference conductor and transmits them by HF radio to the receiver.
Receiver (blue box): acquires phase data from the conductor to be checked, 
compares them to those received from the transmitter, indicates whether or not 
concordance exists. Fitted with a self-checking device and a device to simulate
all functions.
Power supply: 9V battery (autonomy 6 months)