DTL C - Fully Automatic Dissipation Factor- and Resistivity Measuring System

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Fully automatic measurement of the dissipation factor, the specific resistance and the relative permittivity of insulating oils
Easy application with 8 pre-programmable standards for quick and extensive analysis
Extended analysis for testing and research laboratories with individually programmable measuring sequences
Maximum accuracy with tan δ measurement up to 1 x 10-6

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More knowledge, better decisions. Diagnosis of insulanting oil with DTL C
The established analysis and diagnosis of insulating oils with DTL C provides valuable findings in the scientific work, research and development. The extensive knowledge about the current state of insulating liquids becomesmore important even for the operational power network expert. DTL C offers the latest and most precise information for efficient oil management in plants in the electricity industry, the medical and safety industry. DTL C is the only device in the market which combines measurement of the dissipation factor, specific resistance and relative permittivity.
The most important benefits at a glance
Advanced, precise analysis with tan δ measurement up to 1 x 10-6
Measurement of the specific resistance ρ with both polarities up to 100 TΩm
Measurement of the relative permittivity εr
Precise measurement technology for tests on mineral oils, silicone and ester fluids
High precise induction heating of the test cell with accurate temperature control
for a temperature independent result
Automatic calibration of the empty cell for quick test sequences
Automatic draining of the test cell without disassembling
Sophisticated ergonomic concept for high efficiency, speed, usability and safety 
combined with highest standards
Option: PC interface including new BAUR testing
User interface in 13 languages