ITS - Baur Oil Testing Software (Data Management)

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Import of measurement data and input of additional test sample details
Unlimited storage of test results, sample data and test sequences on PC
Convenient definition of test sequences and remote control from PC
Graphical illustration of test results and mapping with sample details in printouts
Easy and user-friendly interface based on Microsoft Windows

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Management of measured data becomes easy and transparent with the BAUR oil testing software ITS

Storage and management of test results is important but was often manual paperwork in the past.
BAUR ITS software simplifies and speeds up archiving, provides the link to other information sources and more: with ITS software, BAUR testing devices can be configured from the PC and measuring sequences can be remote-controlled.
Now also measuring results stored on the mobile tester BAUR DPA 75 C in the field, can now also be transferred and processed on the PC.

ITS supports the documentation, comparison and analysis of measurement data and leads to better reporting, and targeted decisions.

The most important benefits at a glance
Import of measurement files from BAUR oil tester DPA 75 C, DTA 100 C and DTL C
Archiving of several millions of measurements, sample data files and measurement 
sequences on a standard PC or Laptop computer 
Ideal analysis with convenient and individual measurement sequences for BAUR 
DTA 100 C, DPA 75 C and DTL C
Remote controlled measurement sequences
Graphical illustration of test results and mapping with additional technical, 
commercial and time-based sample information in printouts
Printing of formatted test results from PC
Export of measurement data into other PC-Software
Easy and user-friendly interface based on Microsoft Windows™